Project Details

Project:   AAC Block Home

Location:  Chapel Hill, NC  27516
Project Manager:  Tom Howlett

This project was featured in The Chapel Hill News and Observer! Check out the article here on our Blog.

Project Description

Autoclaved Aerate Concrete construction is an advanced energy efficient concrete based construction method, in which light weight concrete block serves as both the exterior and the interior of the structure. Besides its enhance energy efficiency,  AAC block provides a streamlined construction process and can be a very cost effective construction option. This three bedroom / two bath ranch home includes a radiant heated concrete slab floor with a beautiful stained and sealed concrete finish.  The block was finished with a decorative stucco exterior.  Interior walls are standard framing,  the exterior walls are routed for wiring and plumbing connections, and the truss roof system is insulated with open cell foam insulation applied to the underside of the roof deck.


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