Project Details

Location:   Orange County NC
Project Type: Energy Efficient Affordable Homes


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Project Description

Synergy Building Company teamed up with the Community Home Trust in Orange County to build 4 energy efficient affordable homes, and to renovate 8 affordable homes with new roofing, siding, energy efficient windows, and new hvac systems. The four new homes were approximately 1450sf, three bedroom, two bath homes. They featured hardwood floors, fiber cement lap siding, spray foam insulation, sealed crawlspaces, and very efficient single zoned heat pump hvac systems with manual energy recovery systems. Each room in the house was built with its own supply and return air venting.

The homes were independently evaluated by Advanced Energy Corporation in Raleigh, who sponsored a program to encourage the belief that affordable homes could be energy efficient as well. Our homes received the most energy efficient scores issued by Advanced Energy, whose program guaranteed the homeowners that the utility bills would not exceed $39 – or Advanced Energy would make up the difference!