Advanced Framing Techniques

After numerous discussions and reviews with the Town of Carrboro regarding lot reconfigurations, storm water drainage issues. etc. etc., we are finally on our way to building two new energy efficient affordable homes  in Carrboro.

There are many features of these homes we are building in conjunction with the Community Home Trust that contribute to their being a great example of affordable Green building. One that will no longer be evident after completion of the home is our employment of advanced framing techniques. Advanced framing (also called Optimum Value Engineering) results in lower material and labor costs and improved energy performance for the building, due to less conductive temperature transfer through the framing components.  Consequently,  effective use of  advanced framing techniques starts with a well thought out framing  design that considers common lumber and sheet sizes. This reduces waste, minimizes cutting and consequently your material and labor costs.  Architect David Ripperton‘s conscientious design work was crucial in this effort to build with both energy efficiency and affordability in mind.

Advanced Framing

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