Town of Chapel Hill Affordable Homes get a facelift

Affordable housing has been a goal for the Town of Chapel Hill for more than two decades.  Seven homes built in the Culbreth Park Community made up one of their first projects.  Synergy Building Company was proud to combine their efforts with the Town of Chapel Hill, and the Community Home Trust to provide these  seven homes with some much needed attention.   Repairs were made to the existing decks,  all the old Masonite siding and soffit were replaced with new more durable cementitious materials,  and a fresh coat of paint was added to enhance both long term maintenance and cosmetics.  In addition, the weatherization aspects (replacing windows & doors,  improving crawl space moisture issues) plus  replacing the water heaters and HVAC units will help to keep these homes affordable for years to come.

Doing  these renovations on seven homes at the same time,  helped Synergy keep the costs down for the program.  Carefully thinking through scheduling issues in advance,  and relying on skilled and dedicated employees and subcontractors helped to make this a successful project for all involved,  especially the seven happy homeowners!

Culbreth Park home

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