More space! Inside & Out!

This custom addition,  designed by residential designer,  Len Vogel,  was configured to provide numerous enhancements.  It had to have a continuous flow with the rest of the home,  add the square footage needed for both teenager, and adult activities,  plus provide a way to make the outside more of a part of their everyday living space.    Window seat built-ins, custom closet shelving,  double sliding pocket doors,  and a built-in granite counter area with mini-frig were added to the interior spaces.

The outdoors was brought in, by adding a private covered porch area - leading to an etched concrete patio.  In addition,  we were able to modify the steep elevation in their yard to create a flat play area for soccer practicing and other outdoor activities.

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The family room is taking shape!

With the foundation complete the addition started taking shape quickly.

With the realities of real winter weather hitting us this year, getting the structure up - and keeping the cold temperatures from the existing spaces was a challenge.   We were able to get the steps, and the concrete porch floor in without too much trouble......but the patio and landscaping is another story.

Chris Maestro, and Classic Concrete Design will be installing the etched concrete patio for the addition, but it will have to wait for more favorable weather.  Soggy ground and nightly freezing just don't mix well with a specialty concrete application.

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Sunroom Addition

Recently, we completed a beautiful new sun room addition in Chapel Hill.  The owners have a great landscaped backyard, with lots of special plantings, trees, and wildlife. Besides needing a bit more space, they wanted to increase the connection with this private outdoor area.   Residential designer, James Morgan, of BellaDomus was enlisted to design the addition to  not only increase the outdoor connection, but also to enhance the unique look of the home.  We matched the existing vertical wood siding, and wide overhangs, and installed  large windows and a  full light door.  Operable screened corner casement windows allow the space to function much like a screened porch in favorable weather. And the monolithic concrete floors with a low profile stamp design give the room a very special feeling.

A Family Room Addition

We've just started another new project in Chapel Hill.  This family, like many in this economy, has decided to stay in their current home and expand it to meet their needs.  When finished with this project the homeowner will have a new family room space with cathedral ceiling,  a new exterior covered porch area, and a brand new etched concrete patio.  The area will be conditioned by extending new ducts off their existing HVAC system.  The entire system will be improved with proper balancing, and by installing a zoning system to heat and cool this new space independently from the rest of the house.

Before getting started we had to match the new brick to that on the existing foundation.

With a good match on the brick,  the foundation and new steps went up quickly.

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