Listening To the Land

Sally Keeney, Correspondent The Chapel Hill News Sunday, March 28, 2010 Stewart Walker and Pam Richey have just moved into the house of a lifetime. Surrounded by 17 acres of woods that Walker acquired over the past 30 years, this warm, contemporary home was inspired by the curve of the land and the track of the sun across it. Thirty years ago, Walker, a licensed massage therapist, and his friend, Gabriel Olmstead, were doing some clear ... Read full post »

The Curved House is Complete!

It’s done! It’s been a great experience all around. The curved features of the plan for this home required some thought and coordination not necessary in most projects. But, the extra time and attention to detail has paid off. The impact of the curves on the exterior is clearly apparent as you approach the home. It’s obvious why the curve was needed now, as you look at the finished house against the landscape ... Read full post »

Duke Forest Area Pre-sale Facelift

After years of service as a wonderful family home,  several modifications and renovations  were needed to restore this beautiful home designed by renowned architect,  Jon Condoret. In anticipation of putting the home on the market,  Nata Boyzymski of the Home Team has enlisted Synergy Building Company to handle the project.  Included in the renovations are a new architectural style roofing material; rebuilding retaining ... Read full post »