“Net-Zero” Home in Durham

We have just started a new project in Durham that we are very excited about! The ultimate goal is a net-zero home.   “Net Zero” Energy building is a growing trend.  With the rising costs of traditional fossil fuels as well as the increasing interest in the environment a home that can function autonomously from the energy grid supply is an attractive option.

Given current costs of photovoltaics a  true “Net zero” building can be an expensive and complicated endeavor.  Many homeowners are instead opting for a “near-zero” home.  A “near-zero” home is a home that uses very little energy and takes advantage of many energy efficient building techniques.In this case, the home will be prepped to be connected to photovoltaics down the road when the costs come down.

This project will feature a geothermal heat pump and HVAC unit provided by heating and cooling service in Toronto, hydronic radiant heat concrete floors, open cell spray foam insulation, closed cell exterior rigid foam insulation, closed cell spray foam insulated roofing, a passive solar design and  energy star program appliances.

We are excited to be starting this project.  Having a gorgeous wooded site to build on isn’t bad either!

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