Solar Ready!

Photo Credit: U.S. Dept. of Energy
As the final pieces  of our "net zero" home come together it becomes more and more apparent that this house is ready for solar panels!!  Looking at the pitch of the roof you can see that solar panels will be a great addition.  The passive solar design of the home will take advantage of the climate to maximize solar exposure and distribution after solar panels are added to the home's roof.

Advanced Framing & Home Slicker

The "net-zero" home in Durham that we have been working on is not only trying to reduce their expenditures later by utilizing energy saving construction but they are also saving money during the framing process by using advanced framing techniques.   Advanced framing techniques (also called Optimum Value Engineering) start with a well thought out framing  design that considers common lumber and sheet sizes. This reduces waste, minimizes cutting and consequently material and labor costs. Advanced framing also leaves more room for insulation and eliminates cold spots, thus making the house less expensive to both heat and cool. This home has given us an opportunity to try out a new product, Home Slicker.  You may have seen a home under construction and noticed that the home was being wrapped with black paper or Tyvek.  This is done as an added barrier to keep moisture out.  We'd originally planned on creating channels for rain to drain behind the siding with wood strips until we found the Home Slicker product.  In the picture below you can see the channels allowing for drainage built right in!

Sunroom Renovation Finished!

The renovation of this Durham kitchen did not complete the project.  We still had more work to do on their sunroom. Prior to renovation  the sunroom was very narrow.
Before renovation
After extending the sunroom XXX feet this family will have some additional living space.
The addition of the XXX roof lends itself nicely to the mill house style of this Durham home.
XXX Roof

Beautiful Kitchen Renovation Completed!

On time and on budget this beautiful kitchen renovation is complete.  The customer's vision to blend the charm of this mill house kitchen with modern appliances using  warm cherry cabinets and a farm house sink came together beautifully.
New hood and range, custom cherry cabinets
The ceramic farmhouse sink with a smooth apron suggests the style of the original kitchen.
At the heart of every kitchen is it's table.  A local craftsman Fernando Rubio-Vivar created a wonderful kitchen table and bench that utilize the space perfectly and provide a perfect seating arrangement in this renovated kitchen.
Kitchen Table & Benches

The custom crafted kitchen table can be seen on the far side of the kitchen counter.
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Kitchen and Sunroom Renovations underway!

With the kitchen safely sealed off from the rest of the house demolition got underway on this mill house kitchen renovation in Durham.   Looking at the space below it is hard to picture the gorgeous custom cherry cabinets, farm house sink, updated appliances and custom made kitchen table and bench that will soon be in it's place.
Kitchen Demolition
As the demolition was beginning in the kitchen preparations were taking place behind the house to expand the existing sunroom in to a larger space.
Existing Sunroom
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