Sunroom Renovation Finished!

The renovation of this Durham kitchen did not complete the project.  We still had more work to do on their sunroom. Prior to renovation  the sunroom was very narrow.
Before renovation
After extending the sunroom XXX feet this family will have some additional living space.
The addition of the XXX roof lends itself nicely to the mill house style of this Durham home.
XXX Roof

Kitchen and Sunroom Renovations underway!

With the kitchen safely sealed off from the rest of the house demolition got underway on this mill house kitchen renovation in Durham.   Looking at the space below it is hard to picture the gorgeous custom cherry cabinets, farm house sink, updated appliances and custom made kitchen table and bench that will soon be in it's place.
Kitchen Demolition
As the demolition was beginning in the kitchen preparations were taking place behind the house to expand the existing sunroom in to a larger space.
Existing Sunroom
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More sunlight and a kitchen upgrade!

This month we will get started on two new projects, a kitchen remodel on a well maintained, charming mill house in Durham and the expansion of an existing sun room in to a larger space.   The interesting thing about these two projects is that they are on the same house!  In an effort to keep a close eye on the budget and to give the cutsomer the option of doing one or both of the projects  Synergy estimated these two renovations as two separate projects.  The customer ultimately decided to do them both nearly simultaneously. This project will give us the opportunity to work closely with Matrix, a professional lead based paint company to insure that all of the work done in our customer's home will meet the requirements of the EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting guidelines. Before we could get started the existing kitchen needed to get packed up. Once the customer's kitchen necessities were safely stored we had just two more things to do before we get started on the demolition. We installed a temporary sink in a hall closet so the customers would not be without a place to make a pot of coffee or wash a few dishes during their renovation.  A watchful eye on the schedule and efforts towards accommodating the needs of a customer living in a house during a renovation can help a project run more smoothly.  In addition to the temporary sink we needed to ensure that the kitchen was sealed off from the rest of the house and then we were ready to get started.

Should I add a sunroom?

Sun room additions often can change the entire feel of a home. By opening up a space to provide full views of a great outdoor area, these rooms can not only provide a beautiful new living area, but make the entire home feel more open and connected to the outside. One of the main questions we hear about these projects has to do with the window details, and the impact of a sun room on the energy efficiency of the house. Here is a quick and straight forward article about the way to get a clear answer to these questions.

Sunroom Addition

Recently, we completed a beautiful new sun room addition in Chapel Hill.  The owners have a great landscaped backyard, with lots of special plantings, trees, and wildlife. Besides needing a bit more space, they wanted to increase the connection with this private outdoor area.   Residential designer, James Morgan, of BellaDomus was enlisted to design the addition to  not only increase the outdoor connection, but also to enhance the unique look of the home.  We matched the existing vertical wood siding, and wide overhangs, and installed  large windows and a  full light door.  Operable screened corner casement windows allow the space to function much like a screened porch in favorable weather. And the monolithic concrete floors with a low profile stamp design give the room a very special feeling.