Building an energy efficient home with AAC Block

Synergy Building Co. began to clear a house site in December 2008 and poured the footing during Christmas week. This is an 1800 sq.ft. 3-bedroom, 2-bath solar-oriented, energy efficient house built with AAC block (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete). This 8” thick lightweight solid block has a high insulation value and is fireproof and is an affordable alternative to wood framing. In addition to a radiant heat slab-on-grade, the house ... Read full post »

Retaining Walls & Landscaping

The challenges created by this multi-level addition and renovation in the historic area of Chapel Hill did not stop with figuring out how to engineer a garage beneath the original foundation. The adjoining landscaping posed a significant challenge as well.  Jonah Roberts, owner of Lael Landscapes in Raleigh, NC created a landscape design that not only addressed the structural elevation issues of the property, but did it in a way tha ... Read full post »