“Net-Zero” Home in Durham

We have just started a new project in Durham that we are very excited about! The ultimate goal is a net-zero home.   “Net Zero” Energy building is a growing trend.  With the rising costs of traditional fossil fuels as well as the increasing interest in the environment a home that can function autonomously from the energy grid supply is an attractive option. Given current costs of photovoltaics a  true “Net zero” b ... Read full post »

Underground Water Retention

Excavation for the tank is complete and now we have begun setting the tank in to the hole.  As you can see this is a large 3500 gallon tank. To give you an idea of how much water that is, an average garden hose without a nozzle can pour out 530 gallons of water in an hour.  It would take almost seven hours to fill this tank with a hose, but filling this underground water retention tank with rain from a 3600 square foot roof  c ... Read full post »

Underground Water Retention System

We’re excited about a new project in Chapel Hill.  A few years ago,  we installed a new kitchen for this homeowner,  who had purchased a beautiful property close to the University of North Carolina,  and surrounded by a large protected natural area. The home was built in the 1950’s, and has a large, and essentially flat roof.   With no attic there is little room for insulation.  The first issue, however, was that ... Read full post »

Clean Energy Durham!

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the launch party for Clean Energy Durham‘s “2030 Society.” Clean Energy Durham is an amazing grass-roots organization  made up of volunteers committed to learning about saving energy and teaching their neighbors how to do the same.  They recently contacted Synergy and asked if we would be interested in becoming founding members of their “2030 Society.” The 203 ... Read full post »