Auto Garage

          In this project, we we’re able to help an avid race car enthusiast build his dream garage sited on a beautiful country parcel. The challenge was to build an energy efficient conditioned garage space on a tight budget. Over 3000 sq. foot, the two story auto shop is complete with storage facility, auto photo show room, multi-purpose area, and kitchen. The space is heated with a  single Fujitsu mini split HVAC unit, which handles about 1200 sq. feet. of the main open garage area.  A zoned heat pump conditions the kitchen, office, showroom, and second floor storage area.



         Built on a concrete slab, the foundation was thickened to facilitate a large capacity auto lift. Monolithic slab footing is a method in which the foundation is poured in a single, integral pour, offering a quick, inexpensive option. Another one is slab jacking.


        For the structure, we had intended on using ThermaSteel Insulated Panels  which can be custom ordered from Cambuild for a seamless installation. We opted for structural exterior panels known as Louisiana-Pacific SmartSide  reverse board & batten engineered siding. Interlocking ship lap panels provide code required sheer strength for the building, as well as an attractive exterior siding look that has a better warranty than popular fiber cement siding systems available.  The roof is metal, and the envelop of the building was sprayed with foam insulation allowing for a large storage area above the garage and office space below.

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Sunroom Addition

Recently, we completed a beautiful new sun room addition in Chapel Hill.  The owners have a great landscaped backyard, with lots of special plantings, trees, and wildlife. Besides needing a bit more space, they wanted to increase the connection with this private outdoor area.   Residential designer, James Morgan, of BellaDomus was enlisted to design the addition to  not only increase the outdoor connection, but also to enhance the unique look of the home.  We matched the existing vertical wood siding, and wide overhangs, and installed  large windows and a  full light door.  Operable screened corner casement windows allow the space to function much like a screened porch in favorable weather. And the monolithic concrete floors with a low profile stamp design give the room a very special feeling.