Building an energy efficient home with AAC Block

Synergy Building Co. began to clear a house site in December 2008 and poured the footing during Christmas week.


This is an 1800 sq.ft. 3-bedroom, 2-bath solar-oriented, energy efficient house built with AAC block (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete). This 8” thick lightweight solid block has a high insulation value and is fireproof and is an affordable alternative to wood framing.


In addition to a radiant heat slab-on-grade, the house will have wide overhangs to minimize heat gain in summer and a sealed attic with Icynene spray foam on the roof deck. We are looking forward to putting on a stucco exterior finish and give the one-story interior spaces a southwestern feel with bullnose returns to all windows and doors. We even plan to eliminate baseboard, as well as casings, and put an exquisite stained finish on the slab floor. Interior doors are 3’ wide for handicap access. The master bath has a curbless shower and a soaking tub for de-stressing and relaxing. A wood-burning zero-clearance fireplace supplements the radiant heated floor and heat pump. The 1.8 acre lot is 5 miles out of town with plenty of quiet. The 9’-4” ceilings and open kitchen-living-dining allow for a spacious feeling with lots of south-facing light.

AAC Block

Plenty of rain this winter and spring has meant construction is taking 6 months vs. the 4.5 months we originally thought. There were snow flurries at the time we started laying the AAC block. But the lot has been cleaned up, we just drilled 260’ to put in the well and are getting 12 gallons/minute, and we’re leafed out in the past month and looking forward to putting in a water element in the front of the house. Most of the landscaping will have to wait for Fall however. We’re going to avoid putting in a lawn by doing ground cover and water-resistant plantings, mulch, and some hardscapes. We’ve decided to hire someone from to help with the landscaping.

Coming up next week is the spray foam and drywall.

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