Duke Forest Area Pre-sale Facelift

After years of service as a wonderful family home,  several modifications and renovations  were needed to restore this beautiful home designed by renowned architect,  Jon Condoret.

In anticipation of putting the home on the market,  Nata Boyzymski of the Home Team has enlisted Synergy Building Company to handle the project.  Included in the renovations are a new architectural style roofing material; rebuilding retaining walls;  tree work, fence removal,  and landscaping;  power washing and repairing the existing siding;  plumbing & electrical repairs;  changing out some of the electrical fixtures; removing popcorn ceilings and replacing with smooth drywall ceilings;  removing and replacing carpets; adding new hardwoods and tiles, and cleaning out the fireplace chimneys.

We’re focused on a quick turn around, an hoping the spring market sparks lots of life into the real estate market.

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