Synergy Building Company wants you to know that we truly appreciate our association. We would like to show our thanks by offering you a complimentary gift.  The form of this offer includes one of the following three options:

I.  An evaluation of your HVAC system by a qualified heating & cooling professional.

II. A crawlspace moisture evaluation, or

III. Two hours of “PunchWork”, such as

  • Door/window adjustments
  • Minor carpentry, drywall or painting
  • 2 hrs of pressure washing (drive or patio)
  • Light landscaping (leaf blowing, etc)

In addition to our complimentary gift we’d like to remind you that we’re always looking for more great customers!

Are any of your friends or neighbors thinking about doing a construction project?   If you help connect us by providing a referral that leads to a contract of $25,000 or more, we will gladly extend our complimentary gift offer to include:

  • A home energy audit by Southern Energy Management
  • Crawlspace moisture & mildew work (worth up to $400)
  • Up to 8 additional hours of  “Punch Work”

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