Sound Proof Playroom!

So… you like the house and the neighborhood, but the family has grown to the point where more room is needed, and there is no option of constructing an addition. What do you do? This was the challenge faced in this renovation project. The answer was to construct two new rooms on the second floor, by adding a new ceiling/floor system in two first floor rooms, both of which had tall two story cathedral ceilings.         An ... Read full post »

Whole House Renovation, Energy Upgrade, and Addition

       This project was developed in two stages. First, an entire renovation to the existing house built in 1953. We refurbished old rooms, dealt with lead based paint issues, after what we had to call profeccional house painters, and improved energy efficiency. Doors and windows were replaced, in addition to an old electric water heater that was switched to a Rinnai 735 gpm tankless gas model. The original house had ... Read full post »

Amazing Transformation Indoor Pool Becomes Entire New Wing!

  This beautiful house, once occupied by a previous governor of North Carolina, recently underwent a major renovation. An entire 3200 square foot wing of the house, including two small bedrooms, a full bathroom, and an indoor pool, were transformed into a large master bedroom suite, office, guest room, and billiards room.  This challenging project required us to demo the indoor pool, and build a sealed crawlspace and floor system th ... Read full post »

Auto Garage

          In this project, we we’re able to help an avid race car enthusiast build his dream garage sited on a beautiful country parcel. The challenge was to build an energy efficient conditioned garage space on a tight budget. Over 3000 sq. foot, the two story auto shop is complete with storage facility, auto photo show room, multi-purpose area, and kitchen. The space is heated with a  single  ... Read full post »

Solar Ready!

Photo Credit: U.S. Dept. of Energy
As the final pieces  of our “net zero” home come together it becomes more and more apparent that this house is ready for solar panels!!  Looking at the pitch of the roof you can see that solar panels will be a great addition.  The passive solar design of the home will take advantage of the climate to maximize solar exposure ... Read full post »