Lead Paint Regulations from the EPA

Recently you may have read in the paper or heard about the “new” law aimed at protecting children from the health hazards associated with lead based paint.  The law requires training and sets work practice standards for  contractors working in homes that were built prior to 1978.

While the law has received a lot of press recently, as it has become effective as of the end of April 2010,  it was proposed in the spring of 2008, and has generated lots of discussions. If you’re interested in a brief synopsis from the EPA detailing how this regulation effects builders and subcontractors
take a look at this helpful link.

Synergy Building Company is currently in the process of becoming an EPA certified firm to handle renovations effected by these regulations.   We support the intentions of this legislation, and believe that all who are potentially impacted by this type of renovation work, including those doing the work will ultimately benefit.

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